Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kauai Day 2

Kauai - Day 2 - Monday May 4th

A walk across the back lawn and we are on the beach! Beach combing as we watch sunrise. Fun finding shells of all shapes and sizes.


Just down the road from our airbnb is a sweet little coffee shop, Na Pali Art Gallery and Coffee House. Good iced latte. We headed out to Ke'e beach, a bit later in the morning than anyone would venture if you are hoping to get a parking spot.... but we lucked out and someone was pulling out just as we arrived.

Ke'e is a beautiful soft sandy beach. Lots of shaded areas you can take a break from the sun and the snorkeling is outstanding. Nice sandy entry area and we found an area to the left near the rocky side that had an amazing assortment of fish all around one big rock. Everyone will tell you to get there early... but even if you don't, give it a go and you might luck out like we did. There is also a shuttle service on the North Shore, we have not used it ourselves but have talked to others that have and were very happy with the service ****UPDATE*** - I have read that due to funding issues they are planning on stopping the shuttle service - hopefully that will change. Ok back to the beach. Before you leave the area be sure to grab your camera and walk yourself to the North end of the beach (to the right as you are facing the water). Go as far as you can and then look South back down the beach. You will see a stunning view of the Napali Coast.

As I made my way down the beach I noticed two plein air painters working on paintings. They were very sweet to visit with me about their work and let me take pictures. They were both artists who's work I had admired prior to visiting Kauai and it was a highlight for me to see them in action.

Artist - Pierre Bouret and Jenifer Prince

We headed into Hanalei Bay and experienced our first Puka Dog... it tasted great! I had the sausage with pinapple relish and Aunt Liki's mustard. Great Lemonaide too. We walked around the little town and peeked into a couple shops. Picked up grass mats $2.50! These are great to use at the beach to put your towels on top of. A couple beers at the Dolphin Restaurant and we are ready to go.

We called over to the Makai Golf Course to see if we could take the evening Sunset Tour and they said come on over. For $40 two people can rent a golf cart - stocked with water and pop and other beverages you can buy and ride the course. Which takes you to amazing vista's of the mountain range, Nene's, Queen's Bath and Hanalei Bay. Really a nice way to end the day. For those of us who don't golf it is a nice opportunity to see views we would otherwise not have access to. Nice time.

Ready for dinner we swing into the Tahaiti Nui - live music is playing a sweet woman is dancing the hula. We were able to get a tall table on the front porch and could still enjoy the entertainment. The service was outstanding, a nice mix of locals and visitors. Fun atmosphere. We ordered the Hawaiian Pizza and it was really good.

Back to our beach hut, checked out the great moon and hit the sack! Another great day!

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