Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gear Romance

I arrived home with much gratitude and appreciation for a couple of my travel partners... my shoes and my bag.

GoLite shoes, purchased at Dillard's. They come with multiple inserts so you can adjust the foot bed to your activity. Loved the sole for all kinds of varied surfaces. We covered pavement, sandy beach, rocky trial, hills, flat, wet and uneven surfaces. They offer mens and womens styles and both my husband and I own them now. Spend a little money on good shoes - you won't notice them if they perform well... but you will think of little else if they don't!

Osprey Bag, purchased at REI. 21 days in this carry on bag - what more do you need to know. Everything fits, it has wonderful padded handles, backpack straps, wheels and a day pack (not in the photo) that clips right on the front. Light as a feather and tough as nails... and I don't loan this one out.... it's my best friend.

So begins the trail
Go out there... get lost







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