Monday, June 8, 2015

Kauai - Day 7

Today begins the "chill" portion of our trip. In reality I think we are travelers and not vacationers. Being still.... that is the goal today! Let the chill begin.... it's Saturday morning and I thought I'd be headed into Hanalei to the farmers market... but once on the road we headed West... back to Ke'e!

We arrived so early... we had the place to ourselves... for some time! Well us and the chickens.

We had packed our lunch with us... so this was our day... all day and it was fantastic.
Towards late afternoon we headed back to the house and showered up. I headed into town to meet up with the artists from our first Ke'e day.
No one loves to see an artist studio.... like an artist. I was given a lovely tour of his art collection and then got to see his studio and there is was.... all finished. The painting from the first day on the beach. Such wonderful people! Next trip I have got to take a class with Jenifer! How amazing would that be!


Rainbow eucalyptus tree spotting.... on the Makai Golf Course... right next to the road. Awful drive by photography...

Quick stop to catch that pretty view of Hanalei Bay.


I'm picking up dinner on the way home.... so .... Bubba Burgers. They were tasty and hit the spot after a full day in the water.

We ate under the grass hut.... watched the waves and sunset and had a rum inspired toddy or two...
Goodnight, great day, goodnight



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